Inspirational Readings for New Christians

Inspirational Readings for New Christians

Day 5 of 40

Do Not Depend on Feelings

Doubt your doubts and believe your faith.

Theologian Martin Luther was once asked if he “felt saved.” He replied, “No, I do not feel saved, but my confidence in Christ’s promise is greater than my doubt.”

What does it feel like to be a follower of Jesus Christ? The answer varies. Different people relate to God in different ways at different times. But depending on feelings alone is impractical.

A train will run with or without its caboose because the power is in the engine. It would be impossible to pull a train by the caboose; there is no power there. In the same way, Christians must not depend solely on feelings—that’s not where the power is. Place your faith in the trustworthiness of God and his Word in the Bible. Faith provides the confidence not be discouraged when things don’t “feel right.”

The Bible tells us that “to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, [Jesus] gave the right to become children of God.”[1] Hold on to great promises like these and you will grow beyond a dependence on good feelings.

Feelings are a great byproduct of following Jesus. But feelings can never pull the train; they are only the caboose.

Consider This:

  1. What has helped you the most so far in following Jesus?
  2. Do you find yourself depending on your emotions to validate your belief in Jesus’ promises?

Take Action:

Write the promise from John 1:12 and put it in a place where you can read it every day this week. Say a prayer each time, thanking God that you are his child and asking him to help you focus on his powerful promises instead of your own shifting emotions.

  • Footnotes
    1. [1]The Holy Bible, New International Version © 2011, John 1:12.

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