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Friends and Jesus

As a new Christ-follower, introducing your friends to Jesus will be a lifelong quest. But it is a worthy endeavor.

There is a remarkable story in the Bible of a time when Jesus was teaching inside a house. So many people came to listen that the house was completely filled—there wasn’t even any room to stand outside the door. Four men had a paralyzed friend and were convinced that Jesus could help him, but the crowd caused a problem.

Their determination, however, motivated them to find a creative solution: “Since they could not get him to Jesus because of the crowd, they made an opening in the roof above Jesus by digging through it and then lowered the mat the man was lying on.”[1] Their efforts were rewarded—Jesus made the man walk and forgave his sins.

I don’t imagine the task of digging through the roof was an easy one. In much the same way, introducing your friends to Jesus might seem hard to do. They might be resistant or simply unable to come on their own.

As a new Christ-follower, introducing your friends to Jesus will be a lifelong quest. Loving words and selfless actions (in the story, they carried him to Jesus, after all!) will guide your friends toward an introduction to Jesus, the one who can change their lives forever!

Consider This:

  1. Which of your friends do you want to meet Jesus?
  2. What are some creative ways that you can introduce them to him?

Take Action:

Think about the person or people who introduced you to Jesus. What did they do? What did you like about their approach? Talk to Jesus about your desire to introduce your friends to him and ask for his guidance with this task.

  • Footnotes
    1. [1]The Holy Bible, New International Version © 2011, Mark 2:4.

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