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Day 1 of 40

Love is the focal point of much of culture. Endless movies, books, music, and poetry expound on possessing it, losing it, its beauty, and the bleakness of life without it. Nothing compares with it; nothing replaces it. No matter your intelligence, talents, or business savvy, without love life is empty. Sign up for this 40 day stream to receive daily insights and inspiration on loving others.

Day 1:  Our First Love

“We love because he first loved us.” —1 John 4:19

You remember your first love—that exhilarating feeling, sweaty palms, notes passed in class, stolen glances. You’d never felt that way before; you were never going to let that feeling slip away . . . but, more than likely, it did. In human relationships, the waves of emotions tied to a first love eventually lessen and fade away to something more like the calm after a storm.

But God’s love is not like temporal human love. With an eternal God, his love does not diminish and it certainly doesn’t go away. In fact, he loved each of us so much that he gave up his only Son to save us from the consequences of our sins.

He constantly displays that intense love for you.

God’s love is strong and unbreakable—an always and forever love. It never gives up and never ends. Now that’s a serious first love! With such a compelling and beautiful love, our hearts can’t help but respond. We love because he first loved us.

Consider This:

  1. How does the idea of everlasting love affect your heart and your mind?
  2. What do you have to do to deserve that love?

Take Action:

Today, each time you feel lonely or unworthy or overwhelmed, remind yourself that you are loved—today and always, no matter what.

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