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40 Most Popular Bible Verses

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Finding God’s Peace

“ Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” —Philippians 4:6

More people are stressed to the max than ever before. We are super connected to everything via smartphones, social media, and email, but seldom do we really rest.

Effective ways to deal with the overwhelming anxiety of everyday living are difficult to find. Our daily dose of anxiety can be addressed with diet, exercise, meditation, and even medication. But today’s verse tells us a way that many people never consider. What if, instead of just managing or controlling your stress, you could completely hand it over to someone else?

Well, we’re in luck! God is perfectly capable of handling the things that cause us to fret. His solution is for us to take all our concerns to him through prayer. He not only gives us permission to do this, he actually wants us to—just as a parent wants to talk with their children.

At first, praying might feel awkward and you may wonder if your attempts really help you. But the long-term result of doing this is something our souls long for: the next verse tells us that we will find a peace from God that “transcends all comprehension.” This peace will guard our hearts and minds against worry and stress.

Consider This:

  1. How do you handle the daily stresses in your life?
  2. How could you turn those over to God?

Take Action:

Think about what causes you the most anxiety and concern in your life. What would you say to God about giving him those areas causing you the most stress? Talk to him about your worries.

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