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40 Most Popular Bible Verses

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The Love That Speaks Volumes

“ By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” —John 13:35

We’ve all heard the statement, “Actions speak louder than words.” Love is a great example. When do you feel the most loved? When someone says “I love you” over and over? Or when someone shows you love by treating you kindly or helping you? The words “I love you” are certainly sweet to hear, but without action they are meaningless.

We all want to love and to be loved—that’s just how God made us.

In today’s verse, Jesus tells his followers how they will be recognizable—by loving each other. By showing love to others, we exemplify God’s love for us. God’s very character is love, and one of the reasons he sent his son was to show us how to love.

Serving others unselfishly, sharing our lives and our resources, helping others, sacrificing for those around us, encouraging each other—these are all ways we can show the love Jesus taught and lived. Then our actions will truly speak louder than our words.

Consider This:

  1. What makes you feel loved?
  2. How do you show love to those around you?
  3. Can you make a more concerted effort to be loving to others?

Take Action:

Think of one person who needs to see and feel love from you. Take a step in showing that person your love through an unexpected act of kindness.

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