40 Most Popular Bible Verses

40 Most Popular Bible Verses

Day 40 of 40

The Recipe for a Growth is Action

“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” —James 1:22

When I was growing up, television shows about cooking were rare. But now, entire networks are devoted to food; cooking shows are all the rage.  These programs have created quite the interest in cooking. People watch shows, buy magazines, shop in culinary stores, and upgrade their kitchens. The only thing people aren’t doing is actually cooking. In fact, we cook less than we did ten years ago.

In order to learn how to cook, one must actually cook. Likewise, in order for someone to grow in their relationship with God, they must put into practice the things they are learning. You must not just read Scripture or hear it on Sundays and call it good; you must actually implement what it says.

One who wishes to live a life of faith must move beyond knowledge to action. Start putting God’s instruction into practice!

Consider This:

  1. What lessons from God do you need to put into practice?
  2. What are your major obstacles to doing so?
  3. How can you overcome these obstacles?

Take Action:

The book of James is a great place to learn practical skills for living a life devoted to God. Read a chapter a day and to practice one of the principles taught therein.

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