Profound Reflections about God

Day 1 of 50

God's character is unlike any known to man. He loves unconditionally, forgives, heals, nurtures, teaches, and protects. Read these 50 profound reflections about God, and come to know him more deeply.

Day 1:  God Chooses You

God doesn’t have any hang-ups about hanging out with us. He is excited to be with us.

Of everything in all creation, God picked you to be in relationship with. Every day when you wake up, God has already proclaimed, “I choose you!” He intends to be present with you. To participate in life with you. To be there for you as much as any friend could ever be—even more so.

God is more than approachable. He yearns to be have a relationship with you—a personal, refreshing relationship. He wants to be with you through thick and thin. And God’s desire to hang out with you is so strong that there’s nothing you can do to stop him from wanting that. When he chose you today, he chose everything about you—your behavior, your thoughts, the way you speak, the way you treat others. He loves you for who you are.

He wants us to be with you more than you know. Imagine the possibilities of having a relationship with God.

Consider This:

  • If all good things come from God, what would it be like to be with God all the time?
  • What does it take for us to hang out with God?

Take Action:

As you undertake the next thing on your “to-do” list today, enter into it looking for how God is present with you.

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