Profound Reflections about God

Profound Reflections about God

Day 50 of 50

God Is Jesus-Like

If you want to know what God is like, look to Jesus.

No one has ever seen God. Nor are we capable of knowing everything about God, because we are finite creatures. How can finite creatures, with beginnings and endings, know the fullness of something that is infinite, without beginning and without end?

Is it possible to answer the question, “What is God like?” Christians believe it is. Their answer is in Jesus. Jesus, the Son of God, knows God, has seen his face, shares in his divinity, and loves all humanity just as much as God does. We know God only as much as God has revealed himself, and God has revealed himself in Jesus, his Son.

Jesus teaches us about God, sharing God’s will with us. He teaches us about God’s love, how God cares about our hearts, that forgiveness is the way of God, and so much more. It is possible for you to know what God is like by getting to know Jesus. To know Jesus is to know the one he called his Father.

Consider This:

  • When you meet someone, how do really get to know that person?
  • In your understanding, what is Jesus like?

Take Action:

Do you want to know God? If you do, you can ask him to reveal himself to you. Tell him you want to know him, that you need to know that he loves you. Be willing to surrender to his purpose for you.

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