Profound Reflections about God

Profound Reflections about God

Day 4 of 50

God Seeks to Save Us

God is not an accuser. He sees our hearts, feels compassion, and seeks to save us.

It is easy to read the commands and laws established by God in the Bible and think of God as some sort of cosmic police officer, patrolling the world and enforcing holy law. Indeed God did author things like the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule (“Do to others what you would have them do to you”).[1] But God is not standing over each of those commands with his arms crossed and a ruler in one hand just waiting for us to “cross the line” so he can swat at us. God is not an accuser who wants to punish you with the snap of his wrist.

God’s laws are there to direct us into living an authentic and holy life. In his compassion, God provided us with guiding principles that will work against sin, selfishness, and pain. When you do get hurt by breaking one of these laws, God will comfort you like a parent comforts a hurt child, like a spouse holds a partner through tragedy, like a friend upon whose shoulder you can cry.

Compassion means “to suffer with.” God suffers with you. God does not hold up a mirror and say to you, “Look at how bad you’ve been!” God wants to hug you and love you through the pain of your errors.

Consider This:

  • If God is not the accuser, then who do you think is?
  • What do you think being comforted by God feels like?

Take Action:

Often the most difficult accuser to deal with is yourself. Look into a mirror. Forgive yourself.  Be specific. Ask God to comfort you.

  • Footnotes
    1. [1]The Holy Bible, New International Version © 2011, Matthew 7:12.

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