In biblical terms, faith means simply “trust” or “belief”. To have faith in God means to believe and trust in God, but why? Explore the following articles and videos on faith.

What is Faith?

What Is Faith?

Faith is an integral part of the Christian life. But what is faith?

The faith of unbelief

The Faith of Unbelief

Does believing in science require just as much faith as religion? Corey Widmer explores how it takes faith not only to believe in God, but also to not believe in Him.


Sharing Faith With Others

How do you share your faith with others? Hugh Halter suggests that Jesus sets an example of allowing your behavior to draw others to you.

Faith and Science: Friends or Foes?

Faith and Science: Friends or Foes?

Can a person believe in science and faith or are they mutually exclusive? Michael Frost explores how one affects the other.

A Deeper Look at the Christian View of Science and Faith

A Deeper Look at the Christian View of Science and Faith

Could science and faith be complementary? Take a look at what Christians think.

Faith and Science: Which is Right?

Faith and Science: Which Is Right?

In the war between science and religion, which side is right?

Does Science Make Religion Irrelevant?

Does Science Make Religion Irrelevant?

Are faith and science mutually exclusive? Find out here.

The Difference Between Science & Religion

The Difference between Science and Religion

Can science and faith coexist? James Choung explores the realms of religion and science and whether or not they are contradictory.

Good Company

Good Company

Can intellectuals be Christians? Eric Metaxas reflects on how scientists, artists and other significant figures who shaped our culture have relied on their Christian faith throughout the centuries.

Truck Run - The story of Mobile Loaves and Fishes

Truck Run

A personal look at how one man's faith affects the way he lives his life.

Designed to Share

Designed to Share

We are wired to share good news with others. James Choung examines the human desire to share our lives and how we could talk about faith.



Former NFL Player Leonce Crump shares his journey from agnosticism to faith and discusses how the Bible led him to God. 


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