Insights on Coping with Pain and Suffering

Insights on Coping with Pain and Suffering

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Natural Law

We experience pain and suffering because of our vulnerability to natural law.

Adam and Eve’s autonomy allowed them to operate outside of God’s protection. For the first time, they were vulnerable to natural law, illness, disease, accidents, disasters, and evil. If God overruled natural law—which he could—then we would have to sacrifice our autonomy. We would become mere robots with no power to make decisions for ourselves. If we maintain autonomy, then we face the risks of life as we now know it.

When they took those first bites of forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve’s cognitive ability to recognize their vulnerability developed. They realized they were naked and made themselves clothes. Prior to this point, there was no need for clothes; they were not vulnerable to the environmental conditions. With their choice, autonomy surfaced and their bodies became vulnerable and subject to natural law. With this vulnerability came exposure to pain, suffering, and death.

Consider This:

  • How has natural law influenced your painful experiences?
  • Have you attributed your pain and suffering to natural law or God?
  • How do you think God feels about the pain and suffering you have experienced?

Take Action:

Try to imagine what you think God would say to you about how he feels when you are in pain. Include what you think God would say about how to deal with adjustment to the pain and suffering. Write down your answers. If you are uncertain what he’d say, ask him! If you are not yet prepared to speak to God, talk with a trusted minister or Christian friend about what the Bible says about pain and suffering.

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