Jesus Said What?

Jesus Said What?

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“And he said: ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.’” —Matthew 18:3

In the film Ratatouille, cranky food critic Anton Ego undergoes a transformation. With one taste of the ratatouille prepared by Remy the rat, Anton remembers his childhood and finds himself sweeping through memories of wonder and innocence. He is utterly changed, open to celebrating life and willing to receive grace from the most unlikely of sources. 

This is a small picture of what Jesus means when he says we must become like little children. We can get so entangled in our assumptions, cynicism, and misconceptions as we grow older that without a radical reawakening of our sense of wonder, we lock ourselves in self-made boxes.

This reawakening grace is what Jesus offers us in himself. He wants us to remember the beauty of the world around us and the hope of each new day’s dawning. In these things, he calls us to receive the kingdom of heaven—the key to unlocking the boxes that keep us separate from God, from each other, and from recognizing the beauty of creation. 

Consider This:

  1. What’s something you loved to do as a kid that you haven’t done in years?
  2. How has “growing up” made faith difficult for you?  

Take Action:

Make a list of things you’ve had fun doing since you were a kid. Choose an activity and go for it.

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