Resources for Churches

Explore God has many tools for churches that are designed to make it easy to invite others in your community to explore the big questions around God. Inside the portal you will find the following powerful resources.

  • Group Resources

    • Discussion Group Material
    • Small Group Series
    • Facilitator Guides
    • Facilitator Training
    • Invitation Cards
  • Sermon Series

    • Sermon Outlines
    • Sermon Videos
    • Invitation Cards
    • Banners & Signs
    • Advertising
  • Community Outreach Resources

    • How-To Guides
    • Promotional Materials
    • Planning Tools
    • Communication Tools
    • Organizational Tools

These resources are designed with flexibility in mind so you can adapt them to your particular church style. To access all of these free resources, simply sign in to the portal. If you’d like to learn more, scroll down for more information.


Small Group Resources

Explore God offers several series that can be used as small group curriculum. These Explore God Discussion Groups are flexible and will fit a variety of church settings. All of the group material is designed to create a safe environment where group participants can seek credible answers to challenging spiritual questions. As a result, these series are great for newcomers and church visitors, and they are an effective way to increase church attendance.

Once inside the portal, you can register your discussion group to be listed on the Discussion Group Finder on This way, when someone is searching for a discussion group in your area, they will be able to find you. The Discussion Group Finder also allows us to direct those who want to join the conversation to your group.

Watch this video to learn more about discussion groups.


Sermon Series Resources

We also have a sermon series called The 7 Big Questions, which includes sermon outlines, sermon videos, promotional materials, and other resources that pastors can adapt to any preaching format and style. This sermon component can be done in conjunction with Explore God Discussion Groups or as a standalone sermon series.

  • Does Life Have a Purpose?


    We all have something within us that yearns for value and meaning in life. Exploring our purpose is key to any faith journey.

  • Is There a God?


    It’s hard to definitively prove or disprove the existence of God. Discuss one of the oldest and most important topics surrounding matters of faith and purpose.

  • Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?


    One of the most asked and most difficult questions, this topic provokes deep discussion and consideration. Know that no one is alone when grappling with life’s many trials.

  • Is Christianity Too Narrow?


    Christianity has often been criticized for being too exclusive in a world that is becoming increasingly inclusive. Look at the details of Christian belief and discover how others have answered this question.

  • Is Jesus Really God?


    If Jesus is God, the implications are enormous. Explore the historical figure of Jesus and decide for yourself.

  • Is the Bible Reliable?


    For many, the Bible is the main source of what we know about God. Investigating the reliability of the Bible plays a huge part in exploring God.

  • Can I Know God Personally?


    As humans, we crave relationships and intimacy. Is it possible to know God personally?


Community Outreach Resources

Inside the portal you will find all of the resources you need to invite others in your community to attend the Explore God Discussion Groups or Explore God Sermon Series at your church. Equip your congregation with invitation cards and get them to invite others to attend. Use a promotional video to inspire your congregation to get involved. Utilize the training videos to motivate and train your group facilitators.

These series can also be done in unity with other churches in your area. Uniting churches from different denominations and backgrounds is a powerful way to allow God to move in your community—and it’s bound to get noticed. As a result, many churches have experienced a 10 percent increase in church attendance by coming together in a multi-church Community Outreach Initiative. By working with other churches, you can greatly reduce any potential marketing and advertising costs per church, allowing everyone involved to receive a much larger return on investment.

Whether you use the free Explore God materials on your own or together with other churches in your area, an outreach effort can have a huge impact on your community.

Watch the following video to learn how 377 churches in Austin, Texas, united to invite their community to explore God and consequently experienced an average 10 percent increase in church attendance.


Additional Resources Found in the Portal

When you are inside the portal, you can rely on these comprehensive resources to help make coordinating your church’s activities simple and rewarding.

Plan & Prepare

Timelines, how-to guides, curricula, training videos, and all the tools needed to organize and maximize Explore God materials for your church can be found inside the portal.


Equip Church Members

Discussion group guides, children’s curriculum, and training tools can all be found within the portal. When church members are well equipped and informed, they will be excited to invite friends to church.

Promote & Invite

Through the portal, you will have access to all Explore God promotional materials. Resources such as billboards, banners, videos, invitations, and media advertisements make it easy and exciting to grow involvement and increase church attendance.


Free Content for your Church Website

From inside the portal you can learn how to embed any of the Explore God videos or articles onto your church’s website.

Communicate & Follow Up

The portal is the easiest way to stay on top of all activity within your network.

  • Keep in touch with coordinators and facilitators
  • Set and track goals
  • Monitor group attendance
  • Check your activity feed
  • Access the portal on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices


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