Resources for Cities

If you are interested in uniting with other churches and ministries to invite your community to explore the big questions around God, then you have come to the right place. Churches that have implemented a large-scale Explore God Community Outreach Initiative have reported an average church attendance increase of 10 percent.

Through uniting with other ministries in your city, you can experience the power of a multi-church initiative. By working together, pooling resources, and extending an invitation to your whole community, powerful things can happen.

The portal is the go-to source for everything you’ll need to organize a Community Outreach Initiative, and the resources here will enhance and streamline your efforts. To access all of these free resources, simply sign in to the portal.

The Power of Unity

Watch the video above to see what happened when 377 churches in Austin, Texas, united to invite their community to explore God. If you'd like to learn more, scroll down for more information.


How Does the Portal Help?

From the portal, you can access comprehensive resources to assist, guide, and enhance your community-wide efforts.

Plan & Prepare

Inside the portal you will find how-to guidebooks, timelines, curricula, training videos, and all the tools needed to plan, organize, and prepare for a successful Explore God Community Outreach Initiative.


Raise Support

Inside of the portal you will have access to all of the guides and presentation material you will need to succeed in developing financial support and corporate sponsorship. This support can help pay for billboards and media advertisements that will raise awareness, generate buzz, and increase community participation.

Unite & Grow Participation

Getting others involved is key. Within the portal you will have access to resources to assist you in uniting other ministries and building participation, including vision casting videos, PowerPoint presentations, and how-to guides.


Promote & Invite

An integrated community-wide marketing campaign raises awareness, creates curiosity, and invites everyone in the community to explore God. The portal gives you full access to all of our promotional materials, including billboards, TV and radio ads, banners, and invitation cards.

Connect People in the Community

Through the portal, ministries will be able to list the information for their public groups and sermons on the Discussion Group and Sermon Series Finder so that it’s easy for people in the community to connect during the initiative.


Coordinate & Communicate

The portal makes it easy to coordinate with all churches and ministries involved. It will help you keep track of all sign-ups, and it will send out automated e-mail reminders and communications to participating ministries.

  • Keep in touch with Explore God representatives and your ministry contacts
  • Distribute timely information to area coordinators and leaders
  • Register ministries and discussion groups on the Finder map
  • Set and track goals
  • Check your activity feed
  • Access the portal on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices

Additional Resources for Cities

Another great way to serve your city is by starting public Explore God Discussion Groups. Daily, over 2 million people are searching spiritually related questions online, and many of these people come to for answers.

Our goal is to establish Explore God Discussion Groups in every major city around the globe. With the free materials and guides inside the portal, hosting ongoing groups is a powerful and attainable way to serve your community. Your group can be listed on the Group Finder so that those looking for answers can be connected with your group. For more information on discussion groups, visit the Resources for Groups page or enter the portal to access these free materials.

We all have questions, and Explore God allows whole communities to unite around these common curiosities. These initiatives are as important for leaders as they are for participants. The resources in the portal allow you to ensure that everyone involved has the best experience possible.


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