Discussion Group Facilitator Guide

Discussion Group Resources

These resources will help walk you through the steps of forming and facilitating an Explore God Discussion Group.


Our training resources were created for people who want to facilitate—or are thinking about facilitating—an Explore God Discussion Group. Check out our Training page to explore the answers to five questions that will get you up to speed on what a discussion group is and what it takes to facilitate one.

Facilitator Guides

Each Explore God Series is accompanied by a Discussion Group Facilitator Guide. These guides will help you lay the foundation for a successful Discussion Group and include a list of questions for each week's topic to help keep conversation flowing.

Download The 7 Big Questions Discussion Group Facilitator Guide

Download the Facilitator Guide for Knowing God

Follow-Up Resources

Each Explore God Series includes follow-up resources. These resources should be sent to Discussion Group Participants after each session to offer the opportunity to go deeper on that week's topic. Simply copy the links from each of the "Closing Thoughts" sections in a given series, paste them into your email client, and send to group members. 


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