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Top 50 Questions

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Who is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit may not get as much attention as the Father or the Son, but he is fully God, and worthy of our worship and devotion.

It’s surprising how many people it takes to make a movie. Yet often the ones who get all the attention are the actors, the director, or the producer. In a similar way, the Holy Spirit tends to get overlooked as well. He is often considered to be the “quiet member” of the Trinity. While nearly all people—including unbelievers—recognize God the Father and Jesus, even many Christians stumble on the question of who the Holy Spirit is and what role the Spirit plays.

To a large extent, it is fair to say that the Holy Spirit works “behind the scenes.” Like the Father and the Son, the Spirit is fully God and fully personal—and always has been. The Spirit’s primary role in our lives is to apply the benefits of salvation by uniting us to Christ. The Spirit points us to Christ, transforming our hearts and enabling us to understand, believe, and live the gospel.

Moment by moment, we depend on the presence of the Holy Spirit to remain in a right relationship with God. It is the Spirit who cultivates faith in us. We may not be able to see the Spirit, but it is only through the Holy Spirit that we’re able to see.

Consider This:

  1. Have you ever stayed to watch all of the ending credits for a movie? What did you notice? Was anything else important revealed from you taking the time to pay attention to what happened “behind the scenes”? How did it contribute to your overall understanding of the film and its process? How did it enable you to truly see?
  2. How does this illustration help you to understand the nature and work of the third person of the Trinity: the Holy Spirit?

Take Action:

Read through the book of Acts, the biblical book that speaks most of the person and work of the Holy Spirit by name. Acts also details the work of the apostles. Write down what you notice about the words and phrases used to describe the Holy Spirit and his way of relating to and empowering the apostles.

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