Community Guidelines

The goal of Explore God is to foster meaningful, authentic conversations around some of life’s biggest questions. Basic guidelines have been set up to help ensure that this is a positive, valuable experience for everyone. We reserve the right to remove content that violates any of the following at our discretion. (Not trying to be bullies, just keepin’ it real!)

  • Be respectful to others.
    We may not all agree on everything, but we ask that you refrain from derogatory remarks that insult an individual or group. We believe each person’s story is special and deserves respect.
  • Keep it clean.
    Because our community is so diverse, we ask that you please avoid profane, offensive, or inappropriate content.
  • Be honest. Be yourself.
    No need for alter-egos here. Just because you’re online doesn’t mean you need to act any differently than you would in person. We want to get to know the real you!
  • Don’t self-promote.
    Please don’t hijack our fan base to promote your organization, product, service, or website. That’s not cool.
  • Exclude links.
    Please refrain from embedding videos or links in your comments. You can recommend relevant books and other resources (we know there are so many great ones out there!), but please skip the link.
  • Help us preserve the integrity of our community and conversations.
    Spam, trolling, random or irrelevant posts, and posts that breach someone’s expectation of privacy (e.g. someone’s personal contact info) are distractions that don’t help foster meaningful conversations. While there are a variety of definitions for trolling, here’s what we’re going with: a repeated string of derogatory or inflammatory comments designed to anger, frustrate, or discredit someone else.

Thanks for going with the flow on these. We really think it will make for a more positive experience for all.

We hope you enjoy the content, resources, and community of Explore God and that you find it valuable in your spiritual journey. Please return often and become an active participant in the ongoing conversation!