Guide spiritual conversations in your community

Free discussion group videos, guides, and training make it easy to have spiritual conversations in small groups.

Honest Discussions

An Explore God Discussion Group creates a welcoming environment that will help you have healthy, productive conversations about God and faith. Through our free series resources, your group can have honest discussions that encourage each individual to explore their faith and grow spiritually.

Flexible Structure

Our series work with busy schedules. Discussion groups can meet as often as they’d like. You can watch a few minutes of a video at a time or watch several videos in a row to facilitate your discussions.

Simple Facilitation

Discussion Group Facilitators can access free training, guides, and extra resources. Discussion questions for each video are provided to help facilitate the conversation.


Why do a discussion group in your community?

Explore God Discussion Groups encourage authentic conversations about God and faith. By creating a safe environment to ask questions and seek answers, these groups help members explore and expand their faith. Dive deeper into your faith journey through a discussion group.