Guide spiritual conversations in your community

Use our library of guided series as discussion topics for small groups

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Honest Discussions

Our series will help you facilitate honest discussions that challenge and encourage each individual to explore their faith and grow spiritually.

Flexible Structure

We create our discussion series to work with busy schedules. Your group can watch a few minutes at a time or watch several videos in a row to facilitate your discussions.

Simple Facilitation

Along with each discussion series comes a leader's guide, which includes deeper explanations of the content as well as discussion questions to lead the conversation.


Why lead a group in your community?

If you are anything like us, then you love the opportunity to ask questions, share your thoughts, and learn from others you're doing life with. Our discussion groups help you find spiritual answers to everyday topics and are a great way to challenge one another to explore faith, find answers, and grow spiritually.

Partner with us to take these conversations into your community.