Using a curated selection of videos and prepared questions for reflection, these series are designed to help you explore, expand, and engage in your faith. Each series can be done on your own or in a group. You will be given everything you need to empower yourself to explore your big questions about God and faith. Embark on a series below.

The 7 Big questions


7 Videos01:26:21

The 7 Big Questions series will help you explore some of the most common spiritual questions we all share. You will explore each topic through two videos and will be provided with questions and prompts that will help you reflect on what you hear. Watch The 7 Big Questions the series below.


Knowing God


4 Videos43:55

The Knowing God series dives into how individuals can come to learn more about God through prayer, Scripture, and community. This series serves as an excellent follow-up to The 7 Big Questions. You will be provided videos and questions for reflections that will help you learn more about having a relationship with God.


Interested in using these guided series to lead discussions in your community?

Having spiritual conversations with the people we're closest to doesn't have to be awkward. Our guided series are a great way to facilitate deeper conversations without needing to have all the answers. Become one of our discussion group facilitators and we'll help you host discussion groups that allow people to explore God, their faith, and their purpose