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Daily Inspiration

Written by a collective of authors, pastors, and theologians, these inspirational messages serve as daily encouragement delivered directly to your inbox. Choose from any of the topics below and change your day with one click.

Attitude of Gratitude

It can be hard to give thanks in all circumstances, but a shift in your mind-set can make all the difference. Over the course of thirty days, these daily messages of encouragement will help you develop an attitude of gratitude.

Finding Meaning and Purpose

Sometimes it can feel like life has no meaning at all. In those dark times, we wonder if we have a purpose. How can we find meaning and purpose? This eleven-day series will help you answer that question.

Inspirational Quotes

The inspirational quotes and brief messages in this 30-day series serve as daily reminders about God’s character and love. Enrich your life with the wisdom of others.

Learning to Love Others

Loving people well can be harder than it seems like it should be. What can we learn from the Bible about how to love others? These daily messages, delivered to your inbox over the course of two weeks, will help you learn how to love others.

Motivational Messages

Dive in to thirty days of encouraging messages based on the wisdom of men and women who have gone before you. Find the motivation to tackle whatever your day may bring.

Paradoxes from Jesus

Jesus said some profound things—some of which seem pretty counter intuitive. But that doesn’t make them untrue. Over the course of a week, you can dive in to some of Jesus’s greatest, most unexpected lessons.

Questions about Christianity

So what is Christianity all about? What do Christians believe? Subscribe here to explore answers to ten of the most frequently asked questions about Christianity.

Questions about Jesus

What’s all the fuss about Jesus? What makes him different from other religious leaders? Through a series of ten daily emails, explore answers to some of the most common questions about Jesus.

Questions about the Bible

The Bible is the best-selling, most read book of all time. It’s natural to have some questions about what the Bible is and what it might have to offer. Sign up to spend a week exploring some of the most common questions about the Bible.

Reconciling Faith and Science

Faith and science are often presented as mutually exclusive. And yet there have been many scientists who believe in a higher power. How can you reconcile belief in science and faith in God? Find out more through this ten-day series.