Reconciling Faith and Science

Reconciling Faith and Science

Reconciling Faith and Science

10 Days: Sample Day 1

In the quest for truth, faith does not erase the need for science. Neither does science make faith obsolete.

Faith and science are often presented as opposing entities—enemies, even. If you have faith in God, they say, you must be blind to or willfully ignorant of what science is telling you. If you’re aware of the science behind the way the world works, you surely must see that there is no reason to put faith in the supernatural.

Indeed, science has made invaluable discoveries that have furthered our understanding of the world. It has proven that without certain, defined rules held in perfect order, neither the universe nor anything it contains would be able to exist. The varied scientific fields have increased our knowledge of the way things work, improved our health and quality of life, and helped us solve many of the world’s problems.

But as the pursuit of knowledge of the natural world, science is innately limited to just that: the natural, physical, tangible world. Yes, we want to know how life came to be. But also, what is the meaning of this life? Yes, we want to know how our bodies function. But in addition to that: What am I meant to do with this body? What is my purpose? Why am I here? What is the point of all this?

Science underscores the need for us to ask questions and seek truth. Faith embraces the mystery of seeking answers we may not be able to “prove.


Consider This

  • How might faith come into play when seeking answers to questions outside of the physical world?
  • If science is limited to the realm of the physical, how might you gain further knowledge and understanding about spirituality?

Take Action

Write some of the big questions you’re contending with right now. How many would you define as “spiritual” versus scientific? Based on your answers to the questions above, take one step toward seeking answers to the questions you marked as spiritual.

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