Promotional Materials

Group Promotional Materials

Promoting and inviting people to your discussion groups is key. Use the resources below to promote your group and invite people to join you. 

Discussion Group Video Invitation

Send this video to the people you want to join your group. This video will help them understand exactly what discussion groups are all about. 


Discussion Group Invitation Card

Invitation Card

Distribute these cards as invitations to join your Explore God Discussion Group.

Discussion Group Invitation Card


Explore God Merchandise

Our merchandise is the perfect way to promote your Explore God Discussion Group. Check out to order your materials today.

Explore God T-shirt          Explore God Wristband          Explore God DVD

The 7 Big Questions DVD

Need a way to access The 7 Big Questions series offline? Order a series DVD. This DVD features all 14 of the videos for your enjoyment offline. Order DVD Online



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