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Explore God creates credible content for people with spiritual questions and curiosities. Who’s got those? Seems like just about everybody—including us. All of our resources are designed to make it easy and comfortable for anyone to explore God.


Explore Online Content

On, hundreds of articles and videos are available day or night. This content looks at many of the big questions we all have about God, faith, religion, purpose, and life. Below many videos, you will find a list of questions that you can use for personal reflection or as conversation starters within a discussion group environment.

You can also search questions or visit the topics page and find content on a particular subject.


Share with Others

There's no better way to start a conversation than by sharing compelling content. You might want to inspire a friend by sharing an inspirational quote, a helpful article, or a thought-provoking video. Every piece of content on this site and our social media sites is free and sharable, so fire away!

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Join A Discussion Group

Explore God Discussion Groups are designed to create a safe environment where group members can seek credible answers to challenging spiritual questions. These groups discuss some of the most popular questions people have about God, faith, religion, and the Bible: Does life have a purpose? Is there a God? Is Christianity too narrow? Everyone is invited and there is no cost to attend.


Start A Discussion Group

It’s easy to start an Explore God Discussion Group. Whether it’s just you and a friend or a small group of people, all you need is a place to watch videos and discuss them in a quiet setting. You can host a discussion group almost anywhere, including your home, a conference room, or a coffee shop. Be sure to check out our Resources for Groups for tips and resources on how to start a discussion group.


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Life can get busy. Take a look at our free Streams of Inspiration to receive insights on topics like love, faith, depression, and spiritual growth. More daily inspiration series, with the ability to be delivered directly to your inbox, are coming soon!


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