Is Religion Part of the Problem?

Do religions create more problems in our world? Gabe Lyons explores the root of the issue - humanity. 

Questions for Discussion and Personal Reflection

  1. Do you believe that all people are susceptible to feeling or acting like we've got it all figured out?
  2. Have you ever felt that someone was trying to manipulate you into seeing the world the way they see the world? How did you respond to that?

One out of three 18 to 22-year-olds now don't identify with any religion, and don't want to. I understand people, you know, why people think religion's a big part of the problem. It's kind of an easy scapegoat these days, um, but no, I don't think religion's, uh, and faith more specifically is, is part of the problem. I think we as human beings are all part of the problem. Those who are pursuing faith many of the times are just trying to find an identity outside of themself that they can rest in, and, and maybe they get strident in that, but so are the, the same is true for those who are atheist, agnostic. They can have that same strident behavior, um, that suggests they know it all, that they've self-righteously kinda figured out how this world works, and I think we're all susceptible to that. It's not just a religious problem; it's a human problem. I think religion has become a place, um, where we, we've seen it, uh, an easy target, a place where we can sort of point and say, "Those people really believe strongly in this point of view and are willing to, to do anything to convey it." And I think in our culture today we're, we're hesitant. We, we actually are pretty put-off by anybody who's that confident and that strident. Uh, we don't want to be sold a bill of goods. We don't want to be persuaded that, or manipulated that we have to see the world the way you see the world. We want people who are tolerant, who care and love and are willing to listen. And so I think there's a lot religious communities can learn from how to relate to the world, but I certainly don't see religion as, uh, the greatest challenge in our world that's anything bigger than just all of us as human beings creating problems in the world.