Can We Question God?

It seems there are more questions than answers. Mike Foster addresses if we should feel bad about questioning God or if it's normal to investigate.

Questions for Discussion and Personal Reflection

  1. What do you think when you hear someone say that they have more questions than answers?
  2. What does the idea that God welcomes our questions mean to you? Is that a comforting thought?

I have more questions than I do answers these days, but I'm not doubting for an instant that God is real and that he loves you and me. Exploring God and who he is and what he's trying to show us - I think it's a, it's a ever-unfolding mystery but it's, but it's also just as much of a mystery as it is an adventure and something that, um, I think all of us need to be curious about because I think upon that adventure and upon that journey, we're gonna find some really neat things that surprise us and a lot of the questions that we do struggle with are found when we explore God and when we look to him and ask him. I think that the thing I love about God is that he's not offended by our questions, and he isn't surprised by them or taken aback from, by them. He welcomes them, and so the idea of exploration, the idea of discovery - he invented that and he wants us to discover who he is and what he thinks about us and how much he treasures us and accepts us and loves us and forgives us. And that can only be found when we go on a journey of exploration.