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Having spiritual conversations at work can be tricky. We don't think it has to be.

Exploring the deeper things of faith, life, and God at work can be weird. How do you know where the line is? What if you can't find the answers people are looking for? Explore God partners with business leaders to take spiritual conversations into the workplace where people can get answers to their every day questions, learn more about faith and God, and find growth on their spiritual journeys.

Partner with us today and let us help you take these conversations into your workplace.


Can I talk about God at work?

Many people often desire to have spiritual questions in the workplace, but are often concerned that people might think there are hidden agendas or people might find the questions offensive. Our free guide will help you discover how to have spiritual conversations at work that will help people feel included, comfortable, and challenged.

How to Take Explore God to Work:

2. Host a Discussion

Find a time to invite employees and coworkers to a discussion on faith and every day questions.

3. Share the Answers

Make resources available to your employees by linking to Explore God or embedding Explore God content on your website for free to show you care about their spiritual and mental well-being.