Designed to Share

We are designed to share good news with others. James Choung examines the human desire to share our lives and how we could talk about faith.

Questions for Discussion and Personal Reflection

  1. When was the last time you shared exciting news with a friend? What motivated you to share the news?
  2. What are some ways we might have open, humble conversations about God and faith?

We're wired to share good news. I think we're wired to do it. When something good happens to us, what we naturally do is tell other people about it. My son is the kindergarten champion of chess in the city of Gardena. I told everybody about that. I couldn't wait to tell other people about that. It was such— part of that is my tiger-parent issues that I'm working through. It's this great news that happened to our family, and I just wanted to share it with other people, and in the sharing it with others, I get to relive the moment and other people get to share in the joy with me. And it's this wonderful thing. We're, we're wired to do that— whether we have a good meal at a restaurant or read a great book— uh, but especially the very important things that happen in our lives— we tell somebody 'cause we're wired to do it. So... why should we talk about religion, faith, Christianity? If we really think that it's that good, then having a chance to share it, you know, this is an opportunity to talk about the great things that are happening in our lives. We're so quick to share about the great product that we experienced or this great thing. When it comes to the thing that we think is the very core for life— wouldn't it be great to offer this great thing to others? Now, I know that, yeah, there's a lot of things around that, but ultimately, if we got something good and we really think it can help, can we find ways to talk about it without being pushy— in a humble way— but still in the end talking about the ways God is interacting in our lives.