Pulse of the World on Life after Death

Pulse of the World on Life After Death: Is there an afterlife? We traveled the world to get different perspectives on what happens when we die.

Questions for Discussion and Personal Reflection

  1. Do you think this life is all there is?
  2. Do you find uncertainty scary or exciting?

This could be morbid but when I die I am just, I'm gone, which is why I kinda wanna live my life the way I am now 'cause I don't think there's another chance.
I think that there's definitely more— tons more— and the possibilities of that are amazing, actually.

You know, we, we move onto to that next stage and we find ourselves, uh, standing before God and having to give an account for the life that we lived.

It was an amazing, weird experience. I was choking one second, and then the next second I was looking down at the tops of my head and the two people that were, were with me.

You might go somewhere. I don't know. I think energy transfers on, but I think you pretty much— you're, you're dead.

If there's something, there better be some rock 'n' roll and some Guinness.

There's one day that I'm going to die and I, I wonder whether or not I told the people that I loved in this life how much I loved them. I get really scared of that sometimes.

It's going to be great. I love death. I think I'm gonna be transported back with my family again.

Why wait to go to hell? Why wait to go to heaven? Why not have them right here right now?

I believe we should walk every day as, as if it could be your last day. Um... nothing's promised but death.

It actually is, like, least comforting to know that you're gonna live forever. I'd kinda rather just have there be an end and almost be re-born into something else.

You feel really good. Maybe you pass into a white light. Uh, maybe you see all your family and friends. Hopefully, it's a peaceful feeling.

I would hope to think that, uh, yeah, there's another life, um... but the reality since has suggested that's it.

It's kind of, um, it's kind of a little foggy and that's kind of scary for some people, but I'm taking it with open arms and just seeing what is going to happen for me.