What Connects Us All?

Former NFL Player Leonce Crump dives into the gaps of various scientific theories regarding the origin of life and explains why he believes in creation.

Questions for Discussion and Personal Reflection

  1. Can you come up with an answer for the "uncaused cause"?
  2. What do you think of the idea that God fills in the gaps of scientific theory?

Well, when I think of it scientifically, you think of the principle of the first cause, and you start to explore the history of the universe. And even at the Big Bang Theory, you have to ask yourself the question, "What caused it?" And if you can come up with an answer for that, "What caused that?" And if you could come up with an answer for that, "What caused that? What was the preceding cause? What was the un-causeable cause?" In addition to that, our world functions in order. It, it, it's not random and chaotic, as it may seem. A sunrise and a sunset has a certain time period in which it happens. Uh, the uh, rain is connected to the evaporation of the ocean waters, and the whole ecosystem functions in unison. And you begin to see the evidence of beauty even in the midst of this brokenness and realize that as much as I want it to be random, that there's connectivity all around us. And so, even when you look at all the other scientific systems—Darwinism and every other postulation for how human beings function and how the universe works—there's always a gap, there's always a question, there's always a why. And, and I just came to realize, um, not alone—not only with proof but, uh, and reason—but with faith that standing in those questions, standing in those gaps, uh, was the God of the Scriptures. That he was not only the answer, but he was the author. That he was not only the narrator, but he was the reason for the story. And that he had graciously written me into it.