path to Jesus

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

The Golden Nugget: Fix your eyes on Jesus; he knows where life is going.

Daily Verse: “Jesus had compassion on [two blind men] and touched their eyes. Immediately they received their sight and followed him.” —Matthew 20:34

Daily Message: 
What does God look like? Christians believe some saw God when they looked at Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God. But Instagram certainly wasn’t around back then, so there’s no “selfie” of Jesus that we can examine, no blog about his looks, not even a painted portrait of him. How can we fix our eyes on Jesus if we don’t even know what he looks like? 

Perhaps it is possible for you to look for something without knowing what you are looking for. After all, a person can find happiness without having known previously what it would look like. Finding what you’re looking for is that “Aha!” moment of discovery.

The Bible tells the story of two blind men sitting beside the road from Jericho to Jerusalem. The two knew from the crowd following Jesus that it was him who was walking by. Though they couldn’t see him, they looked for him. Jesus realized they were looking for him and he touched their eyes. Immediately they could see again and began to follow him.

Look for Jesus and you will find the path that God has intended for you already.

Consider This:

  • Have you lost something and found it in an expected place when you weren’t even looking for it?    
  • Where would you expect to find Jesus? Have you looked for Him there?


Take Action:
Pray that you can see Jesus at work in the world around you.