Bible with Cross pendant laying on top

The Perfect Christian

The Golden Nugget: Even the greatest Christian who ever lived had a messy life.

Daily Verse: “Indeed, there is no one on earth who is righteous, no one who does what is right and never sins.” —Ecclesiastes 7:20

Daily Message: 
There is no one who is perfect. Clerics commit offenses. Community leaders make mistakes. Your parents wronged others. The love of your life has faults. Even the great heroes of the Bible had messy lives. Adam and Eve turned against God. And they had a son who was a murderer. Moses killed a soldier. King David was an adulterer. Peter had initially denied Jesus. Paul persecuted and arrested believers, compelling them to deny Christ or suffer execution.

Every church has people in it with messy lives. You will not find the perfect church because the Bible tells us in 1 John 1:8 that anyone who says they are without sin is living in deception. Those with whom you live and work and play are not without fault. Their failings come with consequences, which create messy lives for them. And sometimes their mess messes up your life.

Here’s the great news: You cannot become a perfect Christian. Nothing you can do can make up for your mistakes with God. Nothing! But God still loves you. He wants you to know your messiness is reordered when you live with him in your life.

Consider This:

  • Even if people can’t perform perfectly for God, why should we still try?
  • Why do people mess up their lives even when they know the things they are doing will create problems?

Take Action:
In seven words—no more, no less—write down how God will help you overcome your messes.