Are the Odds in God's Favor?

Does science point to the existence of a creator? John Burke examines the scientific evidence that suggests we are the product of intelligent design.

Questions for Discussion and Personal Reflection

  1. What evidence has led you to conclude that God exists or doesn't exist?
  2. What do you think our finely tuned universe says about the potential for a creator?

You can find really smart people who are believers and really smart people who aren't because God gives us free will - he gives us a choice. He doesn't force us. But if you want to know if there's, like, reasons to believe yeah, there are great reasons. In fact you know, there was a conference of 200 leading scientists from Europe and the United States that came together to talk about how, how modern science is pointing scientists - many of them - toward theism, toward believing there, there there must be you know, it looks like there is a God. I grew up, went to the University of Texas, studied engineering, I worked as an engineer, so in my mind things have to make sense. They, they've got to be reasonable, and as I've looked at what many of these scientists said, there are lots of reasons to believe if you want to and there are reasons to not if you really don't. But one of them you know, like, astrophysicists talk about the anthropic principle. It's this more recent scientific discovery that when you look at the constants of nature, like the the weak and the strong electromagnetic force or the weak and the strong nuclear force, the electromagnetic force, if you look at the, the speed of light, the gravitational constant, all these different constants of nature - what scientists have found is that they're, they're finely tuned. They're tuned like a, like a well-tuned guitar. You know, like if one string is a little bit tighter or a little bit looser, the whole thing's out of tune, right? Well, in the same way, what they found is that the universe - some two dozen or more constants of the universe - are finely tuned. Just a little percent greater or less than, and humans couldn't exist on planet Earth. And when they look at it, what many conclude is that this universe has been finely tuned for life as we know it. You know, that's just one of the things that makes me think, gosh, you know, well doesn't it make the most sense that there is a an intelligent being behind the creation of it then? And of course some, some people who really don't want that to be the case will say, no, it could be that there are just infinite number of parallel universes and so ours just happens to be the one that's finally tuned for human skill to exist so that means nothing. To which I say, "okay fine, if you want to believe that but to me that takes a lot more faith than to look at it and go you know, like if, if I went to the craps table at Las Vegas and a guy kept throwing you know, double sixes again and again and again, four hundred times you'd go, it's rigged, right? 'Cause it doesn't, things don't happen by chance like that in our, in our world and so I would look at it and say you know, I think it makes a lot more sense to say there was a purpose behind this, and God really did create it.