Signs of God

Are there signs in life that tell us there's something more out there—something bigger than us? Earl McClellan talks about how love and joy point to the existence of God.

Questions for Discussion and Personal Reflection

  1. How does your experience with love affect your understanding of God?
  2. What are some moments in your life when you've experienced an awe that led you to believe or hope that there's something more out there?

I have friends that say, "Earl, I don't believe. I just, I just don't believe." And I, I ask— my, my question is, you know, "What, what, what don't you believe? Because you might not believe some things that I might not believe as well." I have, you know, one, one buddy of mine, um, he, he believes that there's something out there. There's something. Uh, he doesn't know what, and I, I'm okay with that. Can I with 1000% assurity tell an individual this is, this is the way it is? The data that I'm bringing to the table, if you will, is, is not necessarily 1 + 1 = 2. I have had the beautiful privilege and honor to experience love, and I, I get it in my wife, and I definitely get it from my kids and when you, when you experience love, when you, when you even see a child come into the world— I, I remember when my first, my first son was born, uh, when that that little guy came out and he looked like he was 85 years old and it looked like he had crazy amounts of hair even on his forehead, and he wasn't terribly cute in all honesty from the, the first time he came out. He has since grown into a, a beautiful, uh, young man, but, but when I saw him, I mean explain it. Explain the connection, explain the love, explain the awe, and what I'm experiencing there, uh, in that moment when my son is born and my wife has just been a trooper and carried this, this little guy for these nine months, and I've seen her belly grow and now he comes into this world and all of that that and we're crying and, and there's tears of joy and, uh, laughter and so much hope and life in that moment. God is love. It just, it just points me back to him, and, and any friends of mine that, that have experienced love, they, they've experienced that, that, that, that presence, that joy, that, that hope. Uh, I think it's all just a, you know, little, little sign just telling us that there's something more here, there's something more to life, there's, there's something more. And then it's up to all of us to try to figure out, okay, what, what is the more? Where is the more? Who is the more? And for me you know, that put me on a path of, of, of, of scripture, of, of Jesus being, you know, not just a good teacher but, but a man that, that says he wants my heart and my life surrendered to Him and is calling me by, by his love and his grace to, to follow in his path.